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This place is absolutely amazing and has truly helped my loved one on their road to recovery. The impact that the staff has made has truly assisted in making a life long change to overcome years of substance abuse.

Yoga is steadily becoming one of the most popular and beloved exercise trends of all time. Beneath the superficial veneer of gentle breathing and slow movements, though, lurks a powerful capacity for substantive change and recovery. Yoga can play a seminal role in helping you move beyond your addiction, and researchers are constantly uncovering new benefits to participating in yoga.

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What is Yoga?

Yoga comes in many forms, but has existed in one manifestation or another for at least 5,000 years. Though approaches to yoga vary somewhat, the basics remain the same: an emphasis on breathing and inducing a meditative state while adopting postures that are intended to be held for several minutes. Postures are often designed to progress into one another, and yoga offers movements for beginners, injured people, as well as those with impressive physical skills.

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Is Yoga Safe?

Yoga is among the safest forms of exercise available, particularly when performed under the gentle guidance of a skilled yoga instructor. Yoga’s movements are slow and unforced, which means the odds of a sudden injury are vanishingly slim. So safe is yoga, in fact, that many doctors recommend it to people recovering from injuries, as well as those with physical limitations such as osteoporosis or osteoarthritis.

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The key to safety in yoga is finding a course that corresponds to your experience level. At Modern Recovery, we offer yoga classes for beginners, intermediates, and experts, and we can help you find the perfect yoga class for your experience level and physical skill. With our gentle guidance, you’ll be enjoying the myriad benefits of yoga in no time at all.

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How Can Yoga Help Me Recover?

It might seem unfathomable that a simple exercise regiment could possibly have the power to help you recover from a life-threatening addiction. Yoga, though, has been intensely studied over the last decade or so, and researchers have arrived at a number of benefits. These benefits may help you move past your addiction:

  • Yoga is correlated with improved circulation and lower blood pressure, both of which can reduce the challenges of detox and help drugs and alcohol exit your body more quickly.
  • Regular yoga is correlated with decreased stress, anxiety, and depression. These symptoms are a common experience among recovering addicts, so by reducing your psychological pain, yoga can help reduce your temptation to use.
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  • Yoga can help reduce the pain associated with chronic medical conditions, in addition to alleviating muscle pain and headaches. For some addicts, chronic pain is an incentive to use drugs or alcohol.
  • A handful of studies have shown that recovering addicts who do yoga at least once per week are less likely to relapse than addicts who don’t.
  • Yoga can reduce inflammation throughout the body, thereby improving your overall health. Better health means taking fewer medications, and taking fewer medications means a reduced risk of addiction and relapse

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