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This place is absolutely amazing and has truly helped my loved one on their road to recovery. The impact that the staff has made has truly assisted in making a life long change to overcome years of substance abuse.

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Individual Counseling Services

Individual counseling pairs you with a trained and licensed counselor who specializes in addiction. In your counseling sessions, you are the boss. You can explore whatever you want to, whether it’s the challenges you faced as a child or the more recent challenges of addiction. Therapy is completely confidential, and therapists listen intently without judging you or telling you what to do. Instead, your therapist’s job is to gently guide you in the right direction, ask you questions that help you better understand yourself and your life, and make suggestions about what might help you lead a happier and addiction-free existence.

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Benefits of Therapy

  • The chance to explore approaches that have worked for other addicts. Your therapist may have a number of suggestions for coping with withdrawal.
  • Emotional support as you navigate the turbulent and often painful challenges of detox.
  • A trial-and-error approach. If you try something and it doesn’t work, you and your therapist can explore why it might not have worked and then develop a new solution that has the potential to be more effective.
  • The chance to bring other people into therapy. If your addiction has caused difficulties in your relationships, your therapist can help mediate these challenges while offering your loved ones an education about the disease of addiction.
  • Education about the disease of addiction. Your therapist may recommend books, movies, homework assignments, and other activities designed to help you learn.
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Group Therapy

Group therapy typically addresses common themes that many members of the group face. The therapist typically opens by suggesting a broad topic of discussion and asking a few questions to get the discussion moving. From there, it’s up to the group to set the agenda for therapy. Some common themes you may explore include:

  • The way addiction affects your relationships.
  • Which strategies have effectively helped you manage cravings, and which have made it worse?
  • Reintegrating back into your old life after checking out of rehab.
  • Developing new life skills and replacement behaviors for your addiction.
  • Talking to loved ones who don’t understand the disease of addiction or who th
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