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Modern changed my life. I came in completely broken, now I can smile and laugh again. I am leaving here a new woman, with the tools and skills I need to resist my addiction. 

Addiction & Co-occurring Disorder Treatment

Our facility offers specialized programs that treat clients suffering from substance addiction along with a co-occurring disorder such as depression. Additional therapy, activities, and treatment plans are provided to handle your unique situation in a compassionate and effective way.

The Link Between Co-Occurring Disorders and Substance Abuse

Many times, people who have co-occurring disorders are unaware of them. They may know that something is not right. Without a diagnosis for a mental health condition, they will not get proper treatment. This is when they look for a way to ‘self-medicate’ to try to make the problem go away. They seek out drugs or alcohol to make their problem disappear, even if it is temporary.

Substance use is only a bandaid for a mental health condition. It will help a person feel better for a short amount of time but will not help in the long run. They will need more and more of the substance (tolerance) to keep getting the same result. This is how addiction begins.

How Are Co-Occurring Disorders Treated?

Many times, an addict enters rehab intending to treat that addiction. With that as their focus, they do not realize how important it is to address the mental health condition, too. This may have been the root cause of their addiction. The co-occurring disorder may be what is driving the addiction to continue. It could amplify feelings, add to challenges, and warp judgment. Because of this, dual treatment is the best option. Therapy will deal with addiction and the mental health condition at the same time.

Rehab can help in many ways. Some benefits include:

  • Help managing symptoms
  • Finding the root cause of both disorders
  • Individual therapy
  • Group support
  • Peer wisdom from those who are struggling with similar issues

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