Gerard Bullen



Gerard has been writing exclusively for the U.S. substance addiction treatment industry for the last 4 years, providing a range of medically-reviewed work, including white papers, long-form and short-form content articles, and blog posts for accredited addiction treatment centers.

A professional member of the American Medical Writers Association, Gerard’s specific focus is the field of substance addiction (an area that has impacted Gerard’s personal life in several ways), and he is particularly drawn to the topics of professional, evidence-based treatment, new and alternative therapies, and enabling readers to find their own sustainable, long-term recovery.

Gerard lives and works in Maryland, U.S., he’s happily married, and a proud father, too. His interests include hiking with the family, reading fiction (from the classics to virtually all of the current NYT bestseller list), American and British film classics, and his beloved dogs, Toby and Coco, both rescued from the local pound.

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